Evan brings cultural awareness to the healing modalities of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture through his work with his clients. As a close friend it has been an amazing journey to watch him grow as a Practitioner and even more phenomenal to experience it first hand.

I knew something was up with my hand when I started waking up every morning consistently for a few weeks numb and tingly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know something was wrong, but I have always had issues with my muscles and joints due to wear and improper healing. When the doctors last option was cortisone shots and Botox to help with pain, I decided to seek help from a professional who was currently studying Oriental Medicine and Accupunture. After one session with Evan, I started to regain full function in my hands and arms. To be honest with you, three months later and my arms haven’t been giving me problems much.

Evan, knowing you for so long bro, I am grateful that you were able to fix this problem. I didn’t want to rely on western medicine to fix it.

If you need pain management or have any other health problem that needs fixing, Evan is your man!!

Riane Cardenas