Expressions of the Heart

Expressions of the Heart

Authors: Ross Rosen and Brandt Stickley with Hamilton Rott

In our last article, the reader was exposed to the history and origins of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD) and the entire methodology for analyzing, interpreting, managing and treating patients that we refer to as Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM) as well as a few of its unique concepts. In this article, we shall further explore COM, with an emphasis on imbalances of the Heart, especially as it relates to one’s psychology as described in Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies (DRRBF). The Heart holds the position as emperor, and as the great communicator, it is only fitting that it should have the greatest range of expression. Its expressions are described below in the context of the numerous imbalances that we see as manifesting in the following patterns of signs and symptoms. Keeping in mind that each pattern below is presented as a single expression, which rarely, if ever, is seen clinically without combining with other expressions to manifest a more complicated picture. It is also important to note, that the progression of these patterns are not necessarily linear, but often one expression can lead to another.

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