=A TCM Clinical Subjective Perspective=

0005517712_10Meditation is listening to the Universe, and prayer is conversing with the Universe.

I do not let my ordeals, my pain (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) interfere and affect my ability to be fully present while I am with a patient, especially during the needling process. I never want to send any negative vibrations into or onto a patient, as well as reciprocating any negative energies that are bound on a patient onto me. I wear jewelry made from the earth, to aid in protecting myself from any residual energy being transmitted from the patient. And also it protects the patient in propelling universal energy through me like a catalyst, amplifying the earthly materials surrounding me instilling their essential vibrations onto the patient. The energies that I work with, within the realm of the Tao, is to work with light, love, and warmness.

I believe the theme of overall longitudinal treatment for each patient, is working with the patient to understand who they are in relation to their ancestors, and by finding patterns in which their human existence is overcoming a similar past situation/condition. Their condition(s) can manifest in physical, emotional, spiritual constraint/pain. Herbs and acupuncture can help to stimulate a chemical response that the patient’s body needs, to assist in the patient’s willingness to resolve their past life issues. The purpose is to aid in building up on their strengths, to wield within them the ability to overcome their weaknesses, instead of the person finding out the hard way by repeating the same thoughts, behaviors, and feelings throughout their life experience. To get a feel for what herbs the patient may need for therapeutic assistance, it takes a connection of energy between patient and a higher source in knowing what the patient needs to help heal themselves on their own.

During the treatment process, I do not work against the patient’s energy, or rely on my own energy to heal. Working against the patient’s energy can make their condition(s) worse. And using my own energy to heal is not wise, as it is limited by my existing constitution and Jing reserve. If I were to use my own energy to heal, I’d probably age faster and have a short life span. The proper method of etiquette, as a practitioner, is to be a catalyst or facilitator in connecting with the universal energy of light and love, and empower the healing process in letting the patient overcome the darkness that is holding them back from transcending spiritually. Fighting fire with fire does not work as it does not naturally bring a person to a state of balance, but creates a void in another aspect of their life, which could be more harmful than how they were initially before treatment.

The main goal in mind for me is to have the patient feel validated. Having the ability to empower the will of healing within themselves, by wanting to change for the better to improve their quality of life. And then to provide universal light and love in areas that are weak for them, which can aid the patient to naturally heal their own self spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Blessings with love and light,
Evan Murao

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